The Pair

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Hi, and welcome! We are Alex and Moira Fleche, married 30-somethings living in Virginia with our two tuxedo cats, Clarence and Zeus. We both work in the helping professions–Alex as an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) therapist and Moira as a High School Counselor.

Life coaches work with you on asking the questions “What do I want?” and “How do I get there?” We ask another important and often-forgotten question… “How do I take care of myself along the way?” Think of us as your informal self care coaches. Both in and out of our jobs, we are passionate about helping people develop their self-care “toolbox”–strategies and activities that help you navigate life’s twists and turns. Through this blog, we hope to help you find and highlight your strengths, interests, and what is already in your toolbox, as well as to identify and discover new tools. Help us build a community of people who care about caring for themselves. And for a little bit more about the mission and format of The Self Care Pair, go here. 

Here’s a little more about us and our individual paths:

Moira: I’m a proud native of Pittsburgh, PA. After graduating in 2007 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do career-wise. I felt conflicted–I’ve always loved writing, music, and marketing, but also have a deep passion for working with and helping others. Determined to “figure it all out” (whatever that means!), I joined a Pittsburgh-based AmeriCorps program with the mission of tutoring, mentoring, and developing community service projects for at-risk youth. After spending a tough, rewarding year serving in a K-8 school, I decided to enroll in graduate school for School Counseling. I received my Master’s in 2012 and have been working as a high school counselor in Virginia ever since. When I’m not hanging out in a high school with 2500 people, I enjoy reading (ummm I recently discovered Agatha Christie novels…amazing), checking out craft breweries and wineries, having dance parties with my cats to epic Spotify playlists, and hanging with the hubs.

Alex: Born and raised in Rochester, NY, I spent most of my adult life in Pittsburgh, PA. When it came time for me to decide on colleges, I felt the need for adventure and to explore my independence. So, when the choice came down to Syracuse University or the University of Pittsburgh, I cut ties with the state that both of my brothers studied in, took the leap and headed south. Little did I know then that Pittsburgh would not only become the place that I gained my education, but where I discovered my passions of music and the outdoors, where I began my career, and where I met my future wife and second half. Career-wise, I ended up staying in Pittsburgh long enough to get my Master’s in Social Work and work through supervision to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. In my spare time I enjoy getting outdoors–anything from wilderness hiking and camping or fly fishing to going for a bike ride down the W&OD trail. I also love to play guitar and write music, and have been in a few bands throughout the years.

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a mental health professional or physician. The reader should regularly consult a mental health professional or physician in matters relating to his/her health.