Nice to Meet You

File Jul 19, 7 05 06 PMHi, and welcome! We are Alex and Moira, married 30-somethings living in Virginia with our two tuxedo cats, Clarence and Zeus. We both work in the helping professions–Alex as an LCSW therapist and Moira as a High School Counselor. 

Life coaches work with you on asking the questions “What do I want?” and “How do I get there?” We ask another important and often-forgotten question… “How do I take care of myself along the way?” Think of us as your informal self care coaches. 

In helping individuals cope with day to day struggles, one of our favorite things is to talk to them about their “toolbox.” What tools do they have available to them to help them care for themselves when things get tough? Do they love music? Is yoga something that centers them? We love helping people identify the tools they already have, as well as adding new things to their toolbox. We know, the whole toolbox analogy sounds kind of cheesy, but it actually works!

Here’s what to expect from each blog post:

  • Self Care Tool: Each post will explore a subject related to self care. We hope to provide resources in the way of websites, podcasts, articles, book recommendations, music playlists, and more to broaden the scope.
  • Reflection: At the end of each post, we will have an optional journal prompt designed to help you reflect on what you read. We also encourage you to use the Comments section to discuss the post and your takeaways.
  • Honesty, candor, and even some humor. We are not experts on every subject area but look forward to sharing what we know and learning from you along the way. We’re all in this crazy adventure called life together.

Thanks for visiting our blog–we hope to build a community of people who care about caring for themselves. For a few more details about who we are and our interests, see The Pair

Cheers and Happy Reading!

Moira & Alex