52 New Things

File Jan 31, 7 19 34 PM

By January 2019, I may be french braiding hair while baking bread from scratch, researching self defense tactics, and identifying regional bird calls.

Now let’s go back to 2018 for a minute. Instead of making the usual New Years’ resolution that I end up abandoning midway through January, I decided to make a list of 52 things that I’d like to learn this year. I’m not looking to be an expert at everything or to try to conquer the impossible…it’s more of an exercise in stimulating curiosity and reminding myself of how capable I am.

Some gems from my list:

#2: Brew Coffee
It’s easy to rely on our loved ones to do simple tasks rather than learning how to do them ourselves. One thing that is slightly embarrassing that I still don’t know how to do on my own is to brew the perfect pot of coffee. I don’t drink much caffeine (it makes me bounce off of the walls), so Alex is the one to brew this morning elixir. When his parents stayed with us over Thanksgiving, I realized how nice it would be have fresh coffee waiting for my beloved in-laws.

#18: Learn the basics of coding
In a world where two year olds know more about the iPhone features and my high school students are creating apps, I often find myself wanting to know more about the world of programming and computer science. I’ve had an account on CodeAcademy for a few months but have yet to dive into this mysterious world.

#32: Memorize a poem
A good chunk of my list has to do with creativity and culture. Do you remember when you memorized “I never saw a purple cow…” as a child and thought you were a genius? Imagine having a beautiful composition committed to memory. Do you have any favorite poems? The poem recited at the end of the Netflix show Godless is absolutely breathtaking.

#45: Attend Body Pump
Many items on my list include things that I will need to rely on others for. My friend Dana is a fitness enthusiast and raves about her Body Pump class. We used to joke about me (the girl who is proud of 30 minutes on the treadmill at an incline of 5) joining her for a class. Guess what? In 2018, I will be joining and completing a Body Pump class with Dana. Love or hate it, I’m making myself get out of my comfort zone, which is an important part of growth and self care.

I’ll keep you posted as I continue my journey of 52. Whether or not I check everything off my list is not the point….it’s about the process of expanding upon what I already know and experience. A month in, I already see a difference in my motivation to learn, see, do, hear, and seek. Bring on 2018!



Journal Prompt: Make a list of 10 things you would like to learn this year. What’s on your list? How do you connect attaining knowledge to self care?