It’s Been Awhile…

Photo May 30, 7 57 45 PMHello and Happy 2018! With the new year we often find ourselves reflecting on our lives and things that we have done well, let slide, and aspirations for the future.

In the spirit of honesty and moving forward, Alex and I let our jobs take over a bit in the past few months and weren’t doing our OTHER job of proper self care and taking time for regular reflection. We aspire to share more and share more often with you through this blog, and look forward to seeing what the year brings.

Are there any particular self care topics you would like to see us cover this year?

Journal Prompt: In reflecting on the past few months, what have you done well? Let slide? What are your aspirations for the near future? 



3 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile…

  1. Good to see a new post! Topics – how to carve out “me time”, meditation pointers, how to make New Years resolutions last. xxxooo

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