Self Care = Finding and Using Your Support System


Call your people. Make plans with them. Your mind and spirit will thank you.

In the busy days of back to school craziness (I work as a high school counselor), I have once again been reminded about the importance of reaching out to my core group of family and friends who know me, listen to me, and accept me for who I am.

It is easy for me to fall into a habit of coming home from work, lying on the couch for “just five minutes” and then not having the energy to do the things I want to do, like go to the gym or call a friend to catch up. This often creates the vicious cycle of feeling disappointed with myself for not accomplishing what I wanted to, yet not taking action to change it.

This Thursday, feeling drained from a demanding work week, I was reminded of how therapeutic it can be to just talk to someone who gets it. I texted my former coworker to see if she could meet me for happy hour and was thrilled when she responded immediately that she was free and would love to catch up.

We spent two hours that afternoon venting, laughing, and confiding, and I was so energized when I got home that I even did some much-needed cleaning around the house. Sure, texting and interacting with people through social media can be a way to catch up, but there is something so fulfilling about actually talking to someone in person.

This is your friendly reminder to nurture those connections and to reach out to someone today.



Journal Prompt: Who is in your support system? In what ways do they give you strength?

P.S. Are you having trouble identifying some key people to go to for support? Check out this article about how to build your support system.

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