One of Those Days


Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel “blah” and unmotivated? Those days where your normal tools don’t seem to be working? I’m having one of those days today and really don’t feel like journaling. Or mediating. Or exercising. Or phoning a friend. Even gazing at my fresh vase of sunflowers as I write this isn’t improving my mood.

I think it’s important to acknowledge that sometimes self care means giving yourself a day off. Not making yourself feel guilty for not unloading the dishwasher. Taking a nap on top of the clean laundry. Eating a frozen meal even though you have fresh vegetables that need to be used up. Looking up wayyy too many Game of Thrones memes. Plopping the kid in front of the TV for an extra 30 minutes.

So, instead of finishing my blog post about getting outside of your comfort zone (hopefully to come later this week), I’m going to watch Grantchester on Amazon Prime and look at pictures on my favorite Instagram account, foster_kittens.

Journal Prompt: What is one way you can give yourself a break today? 



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